Working on the Final Product

As per my last blog, I started with the working of the Wi-Fi module. I followed the same steps I posted on the last blog.  However, I did get errors and run into trouble. Below are the two errors I was faced with:

    error: espcomm_open failed
error: espcomm_upload_mem failed
Initially, I thought that the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module was the problem. Instead, I realized that the serial communication between the Arduino and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module wasn’t working.  To power the ESP module, the external 3.3 V must be provided. I checked if that was the case and there was 3.3 V being provided to the ESP module. There was still an error message, so I thought that I did not provide the voltage divider to the TX and RX pins of the serial communication. I performed that task and reran the program. Still, no communication was being established.  I then realized that I accidentally damaged the ESP8266 module. I have already purchased the new ESP8266 module, and I am currently exploring with it right now.
After this, I need to get the proper programs uploaded in the Arduino Board. I did this also, but still, the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module is not responding to the AT (communication commands). I plan to debug this problem further. This part is not part of my project because it won’t be used to benchmark the different algorithms. This part is optional so will continue to debug this for my interest. I plan to update the firmware for ESP module.

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