Wi-Fi Module

After finishing my fifth application, I am going on to the next step of my project which is the actual product design. This is an optional part of my project and will not be used to benchmark different algorithms. For the product design, I will be using the Wi-Fi module and Arduino Board to help build my final product. To do this, I have to setup my Arduino IDE  to work with the esp8266 Arduino Compatible module.

I have to build a basic circuit. Below are the basic steps I am going to use just to build the circuit:

  1. I will connect the red wire to Vin from the microcontroller. The Vin has the 3.3 V from the microcontroller.
  2. I will then connect the black wire to ground.
  3. I will next connect the green wire to the TX of the Wi-Fi module and microcontroller.
  4. Lastly, I will connect the yellow wire to the RX of the Wi-Fi module and microcontroller.

Once the circuit is built, understanding the process to use ESP8266 for communication is important. The ESP8266 provides access to Wi-Fi networks which connects to other devices and connects them further to a wired network. The ESP8266 is strictly powered only for 3.3 V. Anything over 3.3 V will destroy the module. After building this circuit, I will now start Wi-Fi with the Arduino Uno. Communication with the ESP8266is via the Attention Commands or AT Commands.

Now that I will have set up everything, hopefully, I will see that the ESP8266 Wi-Fi will be available within the range of my phone. Here are the next steps I will follow.

  1. I will upload a sketch sample to my Arduino Uno.
  2. I will download the TCP client for Arduino.
  3. From my phone, I will connect the ESP8266 Wi-Fi.
  4. Once its connected, I will get the static IP address. I can get it by checking the Wi-Fi settings on my phone.
  5. Then, I will open the TCP Client I downloaded earlier in Step 2.
  6. I will create the connection by clicking connect, Then I will add the IP and port 80.
  7. Finally, I will patiently wait till the TCP console says connected.

After this, I will write the code to help me run my applications. This is where I will make use of my phone which will help send the text messages.

I will start doing this entire process next week. This week I brainstormed how to do this and ran a quick text. I will put the entire thing together next week.

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