Fourth Application

I started my fourth application this week. I tested with a new algorithm, CTR. A stated in my earlier blogs, CTR is also known as ICM or inter counter mode. It generates its own key stream by a process where it blocks encrypting successive values of a counter. The counter is not considered vey long however. Due do its simplicity and effectiveness, CTR was an extremely popular mode of Block Cipher. However in recent years, it has also faced plenty of criticism because the known systematic input which comes in can be risky. In the application, it calculates the time to encrypt and decrypt.

Test Vectors:

AES-128-CTR #1 … Passed

AES-128-CTR #2 … Passed

AES-128-CTR #3 … Passed


Performance Tests:

AES-128-CTR Encrypt … 36.29us per byte, 27552.48 bytes per second

AES-128-CTR Decrypt … 36.30us per byte, 27547.92 bytes per second

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